Hydrobox 1A

Sustainable Development Tax Shelter
Equity Belgium 112 investors
Powering up Africa through a renewable energy revolution
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At present, the capital of HydroBox SCRL/CVBA amounts to EUR 300,000. It is represented by 750 shares. HydroBox SCRL/CVBA plans to transform into a SA/NV before this Capital Increase.

The capital increase in which Spreds Finance will participate with other investors fits into a broader financing of HydroBox planned to be between EUR 100,000 and EUR 367,500. This financing can be broken down as follows:

- Between minimum EUR 50,000 and EUR 250,000 (depending on the result of the issue of the Notes) shall be contributed by Spreds Finance in a capital increase at a pre-money valuation of EUR 1,350,000.

- Between EUR 50,000 and EUR 317,500 shall be contributed by other investors (e.g. business angels, …) at a pre-money valuation of EUR 1,350,000.

Prior to the Capital Increase, HydroBox has been valued at EUR 1,350,000. The value of HydroBox following the Capital Increase can be estimated between EUR 1,450,000 and EUR 1,717,500, i.e. the pre-money valuation of HydroBox increased by an amount between EUR 100,000 and EUR 367,500 contributed in the Capital Increase.


The available budget for Tax Shelter investments has been fully utilised. Investments will not be eligible for the tax shelter advantage.