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[Unknown author]

Very interesting business. I have a few faith-related questions though before investing.
I understand that the majority of the target audience are non-Muslim, but as a Muslim, our teachings prohibit us from investing in non-permissible activities, namely:
1- Pig's meat
2- Alcohol
3- Non-Halal Meat
Are the above considered for the minority of the target audience and potential Muslim investors?

Wishing you greater success and prosperity with your business!

David G Entrepreneur

Thank you for showing interest in our business.

To answer your questions, our food is prepared with fresh, seasonal and local ingredients that may sometimes include porc and non-halal meat. We always provide a vegetarian option as well as a menu with meat and we plan to move to a larger choice of recipes per week to allow people to choose the dishes that would match their beliefs.
I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Crowd Cookly,