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Crowd Cooks' business model is simple. The company sells meals via the website and delivers these meals to customer’s homes. The average price of a portion is 9.9€ excluding VAT. This represents an extra-cost of 3€ per portion compared to, for example, Hello Fresh. But the crucial difference is that the Crowd Cooks solution does not require any cooking after delivery = easy!

The company will break even when 600 food boxes are sold per week. When 1200 food boxes are sold each week the company will generate a net margin of €1.8 (18%). The cost of a portion will then be €8.2 (excluding VAT), of which 57% will be related to production (€4.1) and delivery (€1.4), and 32% to fixed costs: Marketing, R&D, Management (€2.6).


The company went from 20 orders per week on average in February to 57 orders by the end of September (+185% increase). In terms of revenue they went from 1000€ per week to more than 3000€.


At Crowd Cooks they are aiming to get to 1,3% of the Food boxes market on an annual basis in Brussels by the end of 2020. This means 13,000 food boxes delivered next year (This year they expect sell approx. 1800 food boxes by the end of 2019). By 2024, they aim to hold 5% of the Belgium market equaling 270,000 food boxes delivered. They will first deliver in Brussels, before extending the service to other parts of Belgium. Once they reach a break-even point, they will consider an international expansion to countries such as France and The Netherlands.

The objective is to reach a break-even point in March 2021 and to generate capital gain on shares for shareholders within a 3 to 5 year period.
They need to make the transition from a Lean Start up to a Lean Scale up Company. They aim to reach 500 weekly subscriptions (47 to date) by the end of 2020. The running costs will be covered by the gross margin. The funds needed are only to accelerate and scale up the business.
They need 300 K€ to:

  • Invest in marketing and sales to acquire new Golden Customers (115 K€)
  • Extend the logistical capacities in order to cope with higher sales volumes (e.g. new cold rooms and bigger space) (60 K€)
  • Enhance the website customer experience (ordering in multiple languages, possibility to pick up different meals, and easier abonnement pause) and invest in a more robust IT back office for the packaging and logistics (60 K€)
  • Develop R&D in collaboration with Independent chefs to produce more recipes and propose 4 meals per week (50 K€)

Financial plan

Download Crowd_Cooks_FP.pdf

Download Crowd_Cooks_Cashflow.pdf

Break even year

1 March 2021


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