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Neutraceutical food patent company 1A

Tax Shelter
Equity Belgium 139 investors
Making industrial food cholesterol-friendly
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Pre money valuation
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Amount raised
Committed by co-investors
4 days
Minimum target
418% funded


The fundraising will help develop the marketing of the invention based on the creation of partnerships with the food industry. The income will come from selling the patented substance (invention) to the food industry. The company plans to sell the raw material to four main sectors. The forecasted sales have been defined as followed:

2020: Ingredient will be sold to the dairy industry (pre-agreement registered with a Belgian dairy company)

2021: Ingredient will be sold to fatty food producers (hamburgers/pizza) + cumulative sales on the Dairy industry

2022 : Ingredient will be sold to sauce producers + cumulative sales on the dairy industry & fatty food industry

2023 : Ingredient will be sold to ice cream companies + cumulative sales on the dairy industry & fatty food & sauce industries

The gross margin percentage amounted to 40%. The payroll costs are related to the management fees of the team. The services and other costs are mainly composed of development's costs (extented study), marketing, fixed costs such accountancy fees, building rental, ... The company will be break-even in 2021

A full financial plan with arguments is available on request.


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Raise summary

Crowd investments €209,000
Committed by co-investors €50,000
Amount raised €259,000
Min. total fundraising €150,000
Max. total fundraising €500,000
Pre-money valuation €1,000,000
Post-money valuation min. €1,150,000
Post-money valuation max. €1,500,000