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Neutraceutical food patent company

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Making industrial food cholesterol-friendly
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Guy Wyvekens


Guy WYVEKENS, a serial entrepreneur in various fields, each time followed by a resale (a communications agency for the pharmaceutical industry, aeronautics broker, medical device company).
In 2002, he founded the PHARCO laboratories specialised in food supplement.
In 2012, he sold their “ARTERIN” flagship product to the OMEGA PHARMA laboratories.
Three years later, the remainder of the product range was sold to the family holding of Marc Coucke - ALYCLO.
All this product range is still present on the Company of Marc Coucke “CERES PHARMA”
With his background on the pharmaceutical industry, he decided in 2016 to found a new laboratory “Normaphar” which is specialised in the treatment of metabolic disease such as cholesterol. They developed three ranges of products:
- Risk-free alternative for treating cholesterol - “Zeltrin” product
- Treatment of liver disease problems – “Lifasin” product
- Treatment of osteoporosis and osteopaenia – “Osteosin” product
The laboratory also developed a food patent at European level based on “specific extract of oyster mushrooms”. The company has decided to create a spin-off which will be in charge of the production and the marketing of this patented ingredient.

Bardet Anny


Trilingual Marketing and Communication leader with extensive experience in business development, digital & direct marketing, external & internal coms, crisis com, reputation management, promotions, media & event management. Within reputable companies such as Unilever, Reckitt, Yves Rocher, JC Decaux, …

Strong track record in branding, increasing market share for established products and delivering strategic and operational marketing initiatives while managing a range of key stakeholders in B2B & B2C sectors.


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