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Shave dry - Save Water
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Clara Vecchio


A multilingual sales manager, she is responsible for dealing with key partners in the development of ®ONESHAVE's long-term growth. She is actively involved in a sustainable entrepreneurship. She has worked assiduously to make ®ONESHAVE an organic product. Her objectives are to reduce the ecological impact before, during and after the manufacture of ®ONESHAVE and to follow the company's ecological approach.

A multidisciplinary woman, she graduated in classical architecture in London from the Prince Charles of Wales Foundation and was a major in her class in Switzerland at G.H.I.E. in "management" with a specialisation in "sales and marketing". For 10 years, she has varied her professional experiences at the international level, with the major asset of optimising time, money and resources in the companies where she has been employed.

Advertising, hospitality, aviation, audiovisual production, press, cosmetics; these are the fields in which she has built up her professional experience, and which are essential in her corporate approach on behalf of ®ONESHAVE.

Patrick Chobert


He is a visionary inventor and a dedicated entrepreneur. In 2018 he created "The Invention Nursery SPRL" in which he developed ®ONESHAVE. This company offers inventors, financial and commercial partners the services that are necessary to carry out the commercial viability of an innovative idea, concept or product.

Passionate & unconventional, Patrick has the talent, combined with his years of experience as a business-angel, music producer and company director.

Robert Guiau


His in-depth expertise and advice are an added value to the ®ONESHAVE company. It is a major factor in the strategic decision-making process. He devotes all his attention to the constant improvement of the finances with the backing and support of his entire accounting and legal consultancy firm G&H Consulting.