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Eventer 2A

Tax Shelter
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The app that makes it easy to gather event memories
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Pre money valuation
Equity offered
Amount raised
Committed by co-investors
21 days
Minimum target
162% funded

Mid-term : 2020/2021

Eventer made a 2-years financial plan and 5-year forecast.
There is a significant investment phase over 3 years to ensure the rapid growth that is essential in this sector.
The main objective is to increase the number of users abroad (b2c) and to create a recurring business (b2b) that secures profitability.

The project is ambitious and the ROI is very important.

Long-term: 2022->2024

High users' growth rate and introduction to advertising in the app


Each euro invested creates value! After a financing round with the founders (€72k), a business angel (€50k) and a crowdfunding campaign (€100k) in 2017, Eventer is now looking to raise €300k. Eventer currently has a preference for crowdfunding campaigns because the Eventer's and the crowdfunding market are really similar (b2c, 25-55 years,...)


As from 2022, Eventer will start to be open to new potentials buyers. The buyers will particularly be focused on the product and its position on the market.

Break even year

1 March 2022


This business qualifies for the startup tax shelter. If you meet the conditions, 45% of your investment will be reducted from your personal income taxes. Read more…
Please note €54,500 remains available for Tax Shelter investments.

Raise summary

Crowd investments €81,100
Committed by co-investors €45,413
Amount raised €126,513
Min. total fundraising €50,000
Max. total fundraising €300,000
Pre-money valuation €2,000,000
Post-money valuation min. €2,050,000
Post-money valuation max. €2,300,000