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Arnaud Deveugle


CEO and entrepreneur with several years of experience in fast-growing start-ups and scale-ups as a product & solution manager and has a masters degree in engineering.

People first supporter, digital entrepreneur, positive thinker, enabler, out of the box thinker and very passionate about personal development.

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David Rademaker


Our vice CTO / CIO with more than 20 years of experience building software solutions. A former founding partner of Emakina Group and strategic business and marketing consultant with an Engineer's degree in Computer Systems, Networking and Telecommunications.

Passionate about creative marketing, advice and strategy. Specialties: creative strategic advice, technical analysis, project management, cms consultancy, ...

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David De Vriesere


Our CMO with extensive experience in community management, education, brand building, public speaking & networking.

A true entrepreneur, passionate about social impact, data ownership, personal development and innovative technology.

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Brecht Van Craen


Our COO with experience in recruiting, assessment development and HR business consultancy. Business psychologist with an additional Msc. in blockchain technology and an inexhaustible passion for lifelong learning.

Ignited by personal development, technology and innovation, human centric approaches, strategy in organizations, system insights and the courage to dream.

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