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Chris V

…. het bedrijf eindigt break-even eind 2020.
Break even jaar
1 december 2021

=> for me that seems a big difference. Were you break-even for the month dec 2020 ? And will you be break-even for the full year 2021 ?

Alexandre H Entrepreneur

Dear Chris,
You’re right. We finished 2020 break even, despite pandemic. The spreads platform did not allowed us to mention 2020 because the campaign took place in January 21 (coding). BUT yes, we will be positive in 2021. The funds are to go faster, stronger and further in projects listed in the term sheet. Hopefully is this a positive answer for you ? Have a nice evening. Alexander.

Tanguy D

How many bottles were sold in 2020?

Alexandre H Entrepreneur

Dear Tanguy,

Thank you for your interest in Niets, The zero alcohol company!

By the end of 2021, we will have produced and sold 35K units. peaking in 2024 at 145,000 units, which is a SMART projection. We consider this as an absolute minimum and will be happy to bring good news to the Board at the end of each year by overachieving our targets!
The deals signed during 2020 relate to volume and distribution commitments with our partners.

We have a capacity of 5,000 bottles / day and the speed of growth will depend on success in EU & export and how quickly we attack the markets with the right distributors. We've built a distributor matrix during covid and we started already to work on the partner's network with the team.

Hence the desire to go "faster, stronger and further", also thanks to this fundraising.


Schouppe F


The question asked by Tanguy was "how many bottles were sold in 2020?"
Your response give your projection for 2021.
Could you please give us the actual number for 2020 ?



Alexandre H Entrepreneur

Dear Francois. We achieved to sell 5,541 units on a third of a year of business in hospitality (horeca). First year budget was 2.500 unIts. We focussed during pandemic to get into specialised retail like deli traiteur for example. Thank you for your interest! Alexandre.

Schouppe F

Thanks for this first response .
As quick follow up question :
So 5,541 for the horeca. Pretty impressive indeed !
Could you please give us the number for specialised retail so we can have a sense of the first results of your focus on this segment. Direct sales to consumer (via your website) would also be interesting since the consumer shift towards online purchase is probably here to stay.

Renaat V

Please elaborate how you justify the €10M pre-money valuation

Alexandre H Entrepreneur

Dear Renaat,

First of all, thank you for your request and interest in Niets.

NIETS valuation was established according to the following external and internal indicators:

-The alcohol-free market: the market which has experienced an exponential trend over the past 3 years, represents 16 billion in value in Europe (Euromonitor) and is the segment in which Niets has been successfully active since its launch;

-The performance of Niets in 2020, despite the pandemic, and the way the business has been structured, built, and the market response forms a basis for being a premium market leader by 2023; Its management is determined to make it a case and have built data intelligence to achieve this; The recent exit cases of such alcohol-free companies are solid benchmarks.

-Finally, the valuation of 10 Mio has been validated by other investors in co-invest for this same campaign. Co-investors who are active in the drinks and spirits sector. The valuation has also been validated by Spreds Finance, affiliated to the FSMA.

We hope to be able to count you among our happy investors, and to meet your expectations in terms of investment!

Best regards,

Chris V

Can you give a projected cash flow projection 2021-2024 and a pro forma balance sheet at 31/12/2020 ? Please be specific of how much cash is currently at the bank since your overhead costs and your cash outflows seem very ambitous.

Alexandre H Entrepreneur

Dear Chris. Drop me an email and I get back to you with detailed information. Regards. Alexandre.

Chris V


Schouppe F

I'm also interested by the same information requested by Chris.

David W

I'm also interested by the same information requested by Chris.

Schouppe F

@Chris and @David
Have you received the information? As for me, nothing yet. Have a nice evening.

Chris V

No ...

David W

Nothing at my side neither and I didn't find the email of Alexandre :-/

Ben G

Have any received this information yet? Could you mail me this projection as well?

Chris V

No, so I don't trust it.

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Le Botaniets, produit phare de notre e-shop, est un gin belge, distillé, dont le taux d’alcool a été réduit à 0.0%.

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De visie van de oprichter is om professionals in de HORECA-sector en particulieren een kwaliteitsproduct te bieden, gedistilleerd op dezelfde manier als originele producten, maar volledig alcoholvrij. Waarmee je kunt rijden terwijl je een echte cocktail drinkt.