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Revenue model

Non-recurring revenue streams (Hardware)

Our non-recurring sales consist of the innovative and portable plug-and-play home battery solution, the ModuleOne. This cutting-edge product provides a seamless and efficient way for customers to store and discharge energy in their homes. The ModuleOne is sold as a one-time transaction, and we expect to sell 250 units in the first year through a crowdfunding campaign for €1228 (excl VAT & fees) each, with a gross margin of 40%. In subsequent years, we plan to sell the ModuleOne through presales on our online shop

  • Crowdfunding (Year 1): €1228, GM 40%
  • Pre-sales (Years 2-5): €1228, GM 40%

Recurring revenue streams (Software)

The freemium model offers energy management services to its users. Specifically, users can choose their preferred energy optimization strategy, which includes charging the battery when energy is cheaper and discharging it when it is expensive, helping users enjoy lower energy bills.

The premium model for 3€ the month or 36€ ARR, we collect and analyse data from smart digital meters, identifying patterns and trends to provide valuable insights into energy usage. These insights automatically optimizes their energy savings even further.

  • Freemium model: 0€/m
  • Premium model: 3€/m

Sales Forecast

The sales forecast outlines the expected revenue for the next five years.

Sales: 250 units
Revenue: €313,965.75

Sales: 1,000 units
Revenue: €1,228,450

Sales: 3,000 units
Revenue: €3,685,350

Sales: 6,000 units
Revenue: €7,392,900

Sales: 12,000 units
Revenue: €14,785,800


To seize the opportunities ahead, MyGrid follows a structured go-to-market plan to maximize opportunities and build a strong global presence.

Step 1: MyGrid prioritizes the Belgian and Dutch markets, taking advantage of their proximity, cultural alignment and smart meter adoption. The Dutch population's openness to innovation and motivation to invest in energy storage systems enhance our prospects.

Kicked-off by MyGrids' successful Kickstarter in May 2023 that raised €161K. (check it out here).

Step 2
: MyGrid expands into France and the DACH region, leveraging the early-stage market in France and Germany's pioneering role and mindset concerning the energy transition.

Step 3: MyGrid focusses on the UK and USA market, targeting high population density and apartment living. By capitalizing on its large market size, rising electricity rates, and strong inclination towards renewable energy.

Sales Channels

  • Kickstarter success: MyGrid's Kickstarter campaign raised € 160K, establishing a strong foundation for future achievements.
  • In-Demand campaign: MyGrid is preparing to launch its In-Demand campaign on Indiegogo, expanding its crowdfunding efforts and generating additional traction.
  • Online shop : In addition to crowdfunding platforms, MyGrid is planning to establish its own online shop, enabling direct sales to customers.
  • B2B2C market entry: MyGrid is entering the B2B2C market by collaborating with DIY distributors, leveraging their existing networks to reach a wider customer base.
  • Strategic partnerships: MyGrid is actively exploring strategic partnerships to further broaden its market reach and enhance its product offerings.

With a clear vision and dedicated team, MyGrid is confident that these strategic initiatives will propel its business forward, providing unparalleled value to customers.