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Our mission

Every day, in Belgium, 7 out of 100 workers are absent due to illness.

Every year, these absences cost employers 8.44 billion euros.

Fika's mission is simple. Enhance its customers' employer brand, and contribute to the mental and physical well-being of their teams.

How do we do this? By supplying companies and their offices with healthy, local snacks and drinks.

Rigorous selection

Fika selects its snacks and drinks based on a checklist drawn up by a nutritionist.

- Firstly, on the caloric and nutritional aspect. What is the right nutritional intake for each person?

- Choice of products are 100% natural, organic, fair trade or local.

- Additives, preservatives and added sugars are completely forbidden in the selection.

- Vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free options available if required.

- Guilty pleasure. Optimal combination of healthy and guilty.

Which products?

Over 100 references available at Fika!

Snacks: bars, cookies, dried fruit, various nut mixes, etc.

Beverages: fruit infusions, lemonades, kefir, energy drinks, kombucha, etc.

A long-term investment

Since its creation in May 2021, Fika has already supplied over 150 companies in Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France.

Fika is also a long-term investment for a company.

It can be part of an overall employer branding strategy. Enhancing the company's image and offering Fika to employees could attract new candidates and build loyalty among existing teams.

And why not build a healthier corporate culture in the office? And, without even realizing it, introduce new eating habits within the teams.

Eating and drinking well will always have an impact on a person's mental state, energy and productivity, and ultimately on the company that employs them.

Quite logical?

What are the options?

Fika offers 3 products:

- A recycled wooden display of individual sweet and savoury snacks, delivered at the frequency of the customer's choice. Obviously, depending on the number of people in the office every day.

-> The subscription is billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time with two months' notice.

- Bulk and waste-free snacks available in our customer shop. A wide range of product refills available to order, provision of Fika equipment (display stand, jars, tongs, etc.).

-> The subscription is billed monthly (for equipment rental only) and can be cancelled at any time with two months' notice.

- Refreshments available from our customer shop. Order and delivery within 5 working days.

Simple, digitalized operation

At Fika, as soon as a company wants to become a customer, we create an account that allows them to manage the entire purchasing process, whether for subscriptions, bulk or beverages.

Step 1: The customer logs on to the B2B portal via his private account.

Step 2: The customer places an order online.

Step 3: The customer consults his purchasing or invoicing documents at his leisure.

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