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Market overview

 A CAGR of 12.38% for snacks and functional beverages 
 — Custom Market Insights 2023 

Market - Consumer trends

Fika has chosen to specialize in the "Business-to-business" [B2B] segment in order to benefit from a relatively unique position in a sector that is flourishing in view of the changing preferences and priorities of health-conscious consumers. 

The main trends in the market are:

  • The search for snacks to boost energy and concentration
  • Demand for plant-based and vegan snacks
  • The search for functional ingredients
  • Concern for sustainability and fairness
  • The search for new types of service
  • The search for cases that promote mental well-being
  • The search for local and artisanal options

Fika's current and future market 

Fika is already working in three countries that are logistically accessible from Brussels.

- Belgium: the main market, with customers located throughout the country, but with a strong concentration on Brussels.
- Luxembourg: the second largest market, with the highest concentration in Luxembourg City.
- Northern France: Fika already has a number of customers in the Lille region. This is the next natural expansion market.

 Any service company with an office is a potential target
 — Fika 

 Market - Urban areas, metropolises and market density

 Logically, given their size, they [the major Belgian cities] appear to be the most international of Belgian cities, concentrating many firms specializing in advanced production services.
 — The advanced service sectors in European urban regions 

Fika aims to expand in major cities and areas in order to benefit from the concentration effect. This will drastically increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, especially in logistics. This targeting also makes it possible to boost customer satisfaction by increasing the frequency of rounds in densely populated areas.

In Belgium, these are, in descending order, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liège, Charleroi and Hasselt. Naturally, these are also the cities with the greatest interconnectivity, both between themselves and internationally. Fika applies the same logic to the opening of new market areas in France, with Lille and Paris, as well as Luxembourg City.