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Rudy Gardiole


Rudy has spent almost the last 7 years in large public and private companies (BDO Advisory, KPMG Advisory) improving business performance, processes and/or managing projects.

He has learned a great deal from his many past experiences (notably as a consultant) and from the people he has met (or worked for). Rudy officially joined in July 2021 when Fika was founded as a company.

Rudy is mainly in charge of operations management, performance, logistics and product development.

Florian Etienne


Florian spent five years working for several fast-growing start-ups. He began his career as a sales representative, but quickly worked his way up to management positions (including Head of Sales at Poppy Mobility and Smart Media Agency).

Throughout his experience, Florian has acquired a solid knowledge of sales, marketing and growth strategy. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Florian launched the proof of concept.

Florian is primarily responsible for marketing, branding, sales and public relations in the broadest sense.

Philippe Menier


Philipe is a senior executive with an international profile in Europe and the USA. He has extensive experience and a proven track record in a number of disciplines and business areas covering finance, marketing, sales, IT and strategy.

He is :
Familiar with both direct executive responsibility, Board of Directors representation and the role of opinion-former.
-Able to articulate and provide leadership around a clear vision and strategic outcomes.
-Politically aware and able to communicate and create alignment across different business models and different regulatory environments.
-Able to rapidly advise companies on business model evolution.