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Earnieland is an Online Shopping platform where you can find the best deals and Extra Discounts in ALL your favorite webshops!
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Earnieland is an Online Shopping platform where you can find the best deals and the greatest discounts in all your favorite webshops!
12/01 Alpha site (the idea on paper, together with a functional and technical analysis)
13/01 Beta site (a working prototype)
13/03 100 users with an average of €3/month spent on Earnieland.
13/06 200 users with an average of €5/month spent on Earnieland.
13/07 Interview on JOE FM, Belgian national radio station.
13/08 Interview in 'Dag Allemaal', a Belgian national lifestyle magazine.
13/08 Registration possible through Facebook (one click)
13/08 400 users with an average of €25/month spent on Earnieland.
13/09 Interview on Focus WTV (Belgian regional television broadcaster)
13/09 Invite all your friends via email and get 5 points per registered Earnie friend. 100 EarniePoints = €10
14/01 1000 users with an average of €8.75/month spent on Earnieland.
14/02 Official launch of Earnieland in the press (Trends, 'Het Nieuwsblad', Retail Detail, Le Vif Express, KWV 'Krant van West-Vlaanderen').
14/03 2000 users with an average of €11.50/month spent on Earnieland.
14/06 5000 users.
14/09 Earnieland 2.0 more interactive and user friendly.
14/12 Earnieland ready to launch in the Netherlands, England, France and Germany


E-commerce and M-commerce (Mobile) is booming business. The market grows every year with 10 to 30% from mature to emerging markets. in 2012 1.000 billion € was bought online, Europe takes a share of 25%, Belgium only 4% or 4 billion €.
1/ The customer wants user friendliness. They want a simple registration process and the ability to find a store or product of choice as quickly as possible. It’s important to for the user to find what they want in as few “clicks” as possible.
2/ Currently, consumers lose lot’s of time searching online for the best deals. There are many online stores. The choices are endless. It’s hard to find the best quality for the best price
3/ Many online stores are created from a business standpoint. They almost want to force their customers to buy something, but consumers are more and more aware of the intentions of a company. They also have the power, through social media, to influence their environment. When someone posts a negative review online it is immediately visible to the whole world. This can have serious consequences for a company. Ideally, consumers will choose freely to shop at a specific webstore (due to the quality of the products, excellent service, etc.). This is exactly what Earnieland wants to achieve.
4/ People are frustrated by the oversupply of loyalty cards, both online and offline. The gifts that you receive by collecting points are increasingly boring and useless. The best motivator is cash. And this is exactly where Earnieland meets the need.


Earnieland does not sell directly, but works as a web portal between the consumer and the online store.
We attract new customers through our existing users, based on referral marketing. Our users advertise for us and we reward them for it.
We work with affiliate programs. Our agents bring in new partner webshops. They act as intermediaries between the webshops and us.
We work with peer producers. Our users can grow from passive buyers to proactive ambassadors, or as we call them: social entrepreneurs.