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Earnieland is an Online Shopping platform where you can find the best deals and Extra Discounts in ALL your favorite webshops!
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Market positioning

Our business model is a multi sided platform. Our value is created by our partner webshops and our users. When our users purchase online through Earnieland, we receive a commission for it. Half of our income is returned to our customers. This satisfies our users and they are motivated to share their experiences with friends and family. They also continue to buy through Earnieland because the longer they are active, the greater their discounts will be. In this way, our platform 'feeds' itself.

Market trends

E-commerce and m-commerce is a booming business. The market is growing at an annual 10 to 30% in mature and emerging markets. More than 1 trillion digital buyers have spent over $1.22 trillion on online purchases in 2013. Together North America, Asia and Western Europe make up 90% of the overall sales worldwide.
The increased popularity of discount codes since 2011 amounts to 385%. (Source: http://www.dutchcowboys.nl/online/31174)


In the existing market we find 3 types of competition:
1/ Discount Sites: they offer discount codes.
2/ Cashback Sites: send savings directly to your bank account after shopping.
3/ Online loyalty programs: you collect points, which you can primarily exchange for gifts.
Earnieland combines these three models in an all-in-one hybrid solution and adds the benefits of social media marketing and referral to it. Our IP is closed and protected.