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Today scientifics agree that to main causes of global warming are: human activity such as the use of fossil fuels, the exploitation of tropical forest and cattle rearing. These activities release a great deal of greenhouse gas that are added to the ones that are naturally present in the atmosphere and in turn reinforce the greenhouse effect and global warming. There is also the problem of disappearing fossil fuels. The current energy model est greatly based on the consumption of oils which are starting to decrease. In Belgium, 77% of our energy consumption comes from unrenewable fossil fuels. We have to rethink the way we are producing energy.

The development of renewable energies is a solution to fight global warming. Europe has committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% in 2030 (compared to 1990). In the Walloon region, the Minister of Energy has set the renewable energy objective at 23.6% in 2030.

About EDPR

EDPR is the 4th wind energy producer in the world. EDPR develops, finances, builds and operates solar and win farms since 1996.

Main actor in the wind energy industry, EDPR is now one of the first 5 operators in Wallonia in terms of installed power.

Wind energy is the most ecological way to produce electricity. EDPR is committed to contributing to the protection of the environment through proactive environmental management of its operational farms. The operational phases of the wind farms (with a lifespan of 20 years) represent the heart of the activity.

EDPR develops, builds and operate wind farms in 13 different countries in the world. EDPR takes over the whole development phases of a wind project - from the identification of the location, the request of a permit, the choice of equipment and the construction and operation of the wind farm.


Our project's goal is to contribute to the regional and European targets in terms of renewable energy development.

The Sivry-Rance farm will have 4 wind turbines, with a power of 10 MW. It will provide green electricity to over 7500 households which represents a reduction of 12,000 tons of CEO2 (compared to the emissions of a gas and steam turbine power plant).

The Sivry-Rance wind project answers to the local agreement for renewable energy. The town of Sivry-Rance has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions through the development of a wind project. Taking part in this project will also boost local employment as well as the local economy. During the construction phase, a big part of the project will be managed by local companies and the maintenance of these wind turbines will also need the qualified expertise of local professionals.

The project is supported by the company EDPR Belgium, owned by EDPR. The exploitation of the wind farm of Sivry-Rance will be housed by a project company which will be created and owned by EDPR.

The layout of the wind turbines of Sivry-Rance

The vue from the crossroads of rue Gobert and the dirt road:

History of the project

The major steps in construction

There will be 3 phases:

  • The construction of the work platform, foundations and wiring;
  • The assembling of the wind turbines ;
  • The restoration of the land.

Major contracts

The most important contracts are the ones regarding the delivery and the installation of the wind turbines by the manufacturer, the internal wiring, the turbine maintenance and the grid connection.

EDPR has committed to maintaining the long term operations of the site to the benefit of the shareholders and stakeholders while reducing as much as possible the environmental impact. EDPR relies on its operational experience of more than 10 GW to insure continual improvement and the execution of the best practices.

The long term contract of the maintenance of the farm will be concluded with the manufacturer ou a third party. This contract includes a preventive maintenance but also potential reparations.

EDPR will subscribe to the necessary insurance against damages, equipment defect and potential civil liability actions.

Finally, EDPR has a banking guarantee of €80,000/wind turbine for the dismantaling of the turbines at the end of the operational period, in accordance to article 44 of the decree of March 11th 1999 related to environmental permits.

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