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Wind energy project in Sivry-Rance
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Market positioning

Within the Walloon market, EDPR is among the leaders when it comes to win farm ownership. Through its activities, EDPR takes part in the rise of regional wind energy which produces 1532 GWh of green electricity every year and which aims to produce 2437 GWh in 2020 and 4134 GWh in 2030 through the wind turbine (about 30 wind turbines every year).

Market trends

Since 2008, Belgian wind energy has been rising. Since June 2018, almost it has reached 2 900 MW and consists of 888 wind turbines (on land) and 232 win turbines (offshore). In 2018, 17 new wind turbines have been installed in Wallonia during the first 6 months of the year - the power installed in the region has now reached 872 MW. According to the APERE (Association for renewable energy), it is still realistic for Wallonia to reach the win energy objectives set for 2020 as long as the rhythm is maintained (100 MW installed every year).

The Sivry-Rance campaign: EDPR and the town of Sivry-Rance have decided to include the local residents so that they can benefit from the financial impact of the project. In exchange for their financial participation, the residents will receive a 5% interest while other investors (non-residents of the town of Sivry-Rance) will benefit from a 4% interest rate.