EDP Renewables Belgium 1B

Sustainable Development
Loan Belgium 80 investors
Wind energy project in Sivry-Rance
Investment type
4 years
Loan duration
Amount raised
Minimum target
0 days
Gross interest rate
400% funded
This campaign has been closed


The Sivry-Rance project is owned by EDPR Belgium, which is owned by EDPR. EDPR Belgium will be responsible for the construction of the wind farm and the establishment of a Project Company for the management of the turbines.

The Holding company of the EDPR Group, EDP Renovaveis SA, currently holding 100% of the shares of EDPR Belgium, will sign a comfort letter guaranteeing that the parent company can bring the necessary financial ressources to its subsidiary.

Description of the loan

The participative Notes for EDPR in the context of the green energy campaign have the following characteristics:

  • Total amount: depending on the subscriptions for the Notes of the Compartment "Projet éolien Sivry Rance", the amount of the loan that Spreds Finance will allocate to EDPR will be of minimum €25,000 and maximum €100,000.
  • Participative Notes: €500 per note with a minimum subscription of 1 note and a maximum subscription of 4 notes per investor.
  • Annual rate: the gross annual interest rate is 4% from the date of the withdrawal
  • Date of withdrawal: planned on February 15th 2019
  • Duration of the loan: maximum 4 years
  • Modalities:
    - This "bullet" type loan means that the principal will have to be reimbursed at the end of the term. If EDPR respects its payment obligations, the Notes' maturity should fall on February 1st 2023.
    - Annual reimbursements.