EDP Renewables Belgium 1B

Sustainable Development
Loan Belgium 80 investors
Wind energy project in Sivry-Rance
Investment type
4 years
Loan duration
Amount raised
Minimum target
0 days
Gross interest rate
400% funded
This campaign has been closed

Historical accounts

The finance officer of EDPR Europe SL has announced that they have increased the capital of EDPR Belgium in June 2018 to 2,250,000 EUR in order to supply a financial stability for this campaign.

Download 2017_EDPR_BELGIUM_Comptes_Annuels.pdf

Download 2018_EDPR_BELGIUM_Comptes_Annuels.pdf

Financial plan

The operational and financial plan are based on estimates based on wind energy studies carried by an independent research bureau and covers a period of 20 years for the operational phase. The calculations of the annual cashflow for the coming years is based on other EDPR wind farms:

  • Projected production of 22 GWh per year, base on external studies ;
  • Green certificates for a period of 15 ans;
  • Amortisation of the assets for a period of 15 years;

Revenue drivers

The project Company will write a sales contract for the produced electricity with an energy supplier.

The green certificats (support mechanism for the production of renewable energy granted by the Walloon region for a period of 15 years) will allow to ensure the continuity of the project.

Cost drivers

The annual recurrent costs will include the operational and maintenance costs and taxes. The main costs are the following:

  • Insurance (for the turbines and damages);
  • Management costs for the farm;
  • Electricity consumption (for the auxiliary);
  • Accounting and administrative fees;
  • Preventive maintenance, turbine repairs and technical and electrical installations;
  • Regional taxes on the wind turbines;
  • Surface right for the use of the land and its maintenance entretien