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Business Model

The business model has a traditional media component as well as a SaaS model. The media business model is the traditional revenue model for media players operating in the digital world (Konbini, Brut, etc.)

A) Advertising (sponsorship)
The content reaches a specialised niche that is highly sought after by advertisers. Part of the revenue (100% in 2019) will come from corporations and funds who want to introduce their programmes to the community. This means putting the advertiser's logo at the beginning and at the end of the show for example.

B) Lead Generation
If Startup Vie succeeds in becoming number 1 with start-up entrepreneurs, it will become lead sourcing for seed funds. The idea is to include an "apply" link below each video. This lead platform will be offered to investment funds/private investors in the SaaS model.

C) Branded Content
Tailor-made content that will interest the advertiser and the Startup Vie community. For example: · So Euroclear wants to launch a startup accelerator? Startup Vie thus produces a series on the best European fintechs for Euroclear. This means a series broadcast within Startup Vie and within the Euroclear network.

D) Startup Vie for Brands
Startup Vie successfully produces shorts for 25-35 year olds. The idea here is that a brand (for example Nestlé, Coca, etc.) hires Startup Vie to produce shorts intended for the brand's customers; e.g. production for third parties.


- Produce & broadcast 30 news programmes a year, 10 Meet a VCs live, and 60 shorts to gain market share.
- News will be shared by all operators in the ecosystem (10 contracts so far) in order to directly reach the largest number of start-up operators as well as their audience.
- Go to start-up events and broadcast live shows there to increase our network by capitalising on the audience of the host who’s running the events.
- Join forces with key figures in the ecosystem to create themed programmes and use their experience and their network in exchange for making our facilities available
- Push content on different networks.

We plan to launch new territories such as Flanders and France in 2021 with the lessons learned from our first year in business

The Creative Space

Podcasting, streaming, videos-> we are witnessing an explosion in means of communication and yet there is nowhere in Belgium to accommodate creators of new content.

Startup Vie will create the ideal location with-Podcast studios-Streaming studios-Short video studios.
These facilities will be used by Startup Vie and made available to other entrepreneurs in the ecosystem who'll be able to use them to produce their content and then share it on Startup Vie.

It's a win-win situation that will enable the show to acquire quality content presented by recognised experts.
Later these facilities will also be open to a whole new generation of creators who will be able to gather together in a unique place in Belgium to reinvent ways of producing content.

The facilities will then be rented by the hour.

Exit Scenario

News Coporation are in the midst of transformation and are investing in new areas to find growth drivers and reach new audiences. Roularta, Rossel, IPM are potential candidates for Startup Vie’s takeover. Discussions are already underway (provision of know-how, offices, studios, management) with certain players.

At the international level, groups like Berteselman, Alex Springer, Webedia are attractive targets in the event of a sale. Spotify bought a podcast studio (Gimlet) for $300 million which became famous for a series... on start-ups. Les echos (France) has invested 3 million in new audio shows, the Financial Times launched

Financial Plan

Here are the sales forecasts for the production catalogue.
In year 1, Startup Vie plan to sell a third of the production catalogue and to sell almost all of it in year 3. The increase in the sale price is linked to the increase in the audience Startup Vie generate.

Download 2019 10 23 STARTUP VIE v4.xlsx

Special communication following the current circumstances and the impact of COVID-19:

StartupVie believes that revenues should be forecasted with great caution. However, thanks to the explosion of zoom, webinars, etc., the cost of media production will be further reduced, as the general public has become accustomed to new, lighter information formats.

In the end the impact should be neutral.

Break even year

1 June 2022


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