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Playtreks 1A

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PlayTreks, the ultimate music discovery platform.
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Amount raised
17 days
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72% funded

PlayTreks Financials

The mass market as described in MARKET section, includes the bedroom producers and everybody who wants to release music, yet does not wish to spend a fortune on subscriptions. Why can the company offer a lower subscription? First of all, they run a very lean and mean team, like to avoid excessive investments in terms of fancy offices, too many employees. They also are very savvy in terms of marketing and promotion, and do know how to effectively put a new product into the market, attracting many users based on offering and competitive pricing. The company also mitigates the risks by "white labelling" the platform, like they already have started with The accompanying platform to a large annual dance event.

As said the company should be able to get in the green as of Q3 2021 and here it shows you our modest projections going on from Q4 2021. The advantage of this chosen model is that there always will be new free users, who can be converted into new paying subscribers. They consider the cancelation rate in line with other software as a service product, being about 3-4% annually, yet new users will compensate for the cancellations.

The complete financial overview is available, and as a company does welcome involvement. The founders have learned there always will be someone knowing better, and they welcome these people to become involved investors, supportive in making Playtreks a very sustainable company going forward! PlayTreks is supported by the Massence Music Group (

Special communication following the current circumstances and the impact of COVID-19:

The platform has an advantage despite the crisis. This advantage is that people sit at home and those, who are in the music industry, make music. This means that in the last two weeks Playtreks has added more than 700 users on the platform. Very encouraging!
The current crisis has a POSITIVE effect on the growth of the platform, and a less positive effect on the fundraising action because it is more difficult to raise money.

Break even year

1 June 2021


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Please note €189,100 remains available for Tax Shelter investments.

Raise summary

Crowd investments €35,900
Amount raised €35,900
Min. total fundraising €75,000
Max. total fundraising €400,000
Pre-money valuation €1,000,000
Post-money valuation min. €1,075,000
Post-money valuation max. €1,400,000