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ForMyFit: the first 100% Belgian pocket coach

— Investment tips — 2 minutes read

Vincent Rousseau, Belgian and European marathon champion, has decided to bring his expertise and financial support to ForMyFit, a Belgian success story that opens its capital to investors on MyMicroInvest to finance its e-coaching application. Meet a racing legend! Vincent, how did you discover ForMyFit? I discovered the company from a report on RTBF... read more

How You Can Become an Impact Investor

— Investment tips — 5 minutes read

Summary Combine social impact and profit Make money more: more sustainable, more responsible, more impactful Social entrepreneurship, crowdfunding and venture capital: the better way to invest Making the World a Better Place Making the world a better place: these days, the idea seems more than a little fanciful... read more

The different types of crowdfunding campaigns

— Investment tips — 4 minutes read

Equity campaign Firstly, let's look at the standard equity campaign, which is the most common and straight-forward. In an equity campaign, a company raises funds by offering shares in their company to investors. The reasoning is that in order to raise capital to launch an idea or product, a company opens up part of its capital to get it off the ground... read more

Crowdfunding notes: how to trade them at Euronext Expert Market

— Investment tips — 1 minute read

On Tuesday this week, March 1st, the first crowdfunding note was traded on a secondary market ever in Europe. Yes, MyMicroInvest has a note that can be bought and sold on the Euronext Expert Market. This is great news, as this means that our investors will enjoy more price transparency on their investment in the future... read more

How can I exit an investment?

— Investment tips — 1 minute read

There are two options to exit an investment, of which the first one is the standard way. 1) You follow the co-investment process promoted by MyMicroInvest. The professional co-investor(s) that invested in a company alongside the crowd continuously look out for a profitable exit, taking into account numerous factors such as developments and results booked by the company... read more