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#FundedFamily: Skinoo positively impacts maternal health

— Startup successes — 1 minute read

Breastfeeding is one of the most common recommendations for new moms, as it is proven that this method benefits the baby’s growth. However, it can also be a tough thing for new moms who often find it painful and are forced to stop. With this situation, mother of four, Jasmine De Wulf, recognised the problem and found a solution... read more

Good news for Freeedrive, a member of our #FundedFamily

— Startup successes — 1 minute read

Freeedrive raised funds with MyMicroInvest one year ago, in March 2016. In total they collected €77,900 from the crowd, and €67,088 from professional investors, joining our #FundedFamily. Freeedrive addresses the main cause of car accidents: texting while driving... read more

#FundedFamily: tax shelter helps Europea Residences raise!

— Startup successes — 3 minutes read

FundedFamily Welcome to our first edition of #FundedFamily, where we interview entrepreneurs who have successfully raised funds on our platform. For this first edition, we interviewed the CEO of Europea Residences, our first tax shelter qualified crowdfunding campaign... read more

Startup Success Stories | Creo² & Opinum

— Startup successes — 2 minutes read

Hi and welcome to our success story highlights, where we feature businesses that successfully secured funds on our platform! Kicking off this new series are Creo² and Opinum, two B2B startups that went from idea to launch in Belgium, and beyond. Opinum: From disruptor to game changer He's barely 28 and already has three successful startups under his belt. Meet Loïc Bar, CEO of Opinum... read more

Support Local Entrepreneurs this Holiday Season

— Startup successes — 3 minutes read

It's the season of merry making, gift-giving and good cheer! As 2016 comes to a close, we've prepared a short holiday gift guide, for fans of local entrepreneurs and Belgian innovation. This holiday season shop with a purpose! Buy a gift from a self-starter in your very own city, and support Belgian businesses together with us... read more