3rd Jungle Bells edition – Sold out

— Startup successes | Jungle bells — 1 minute read

Our third Jungle Bells edition sold out once again (over 300 guests have already attended our Jungle Bells events). Our last event of the season took place on May 21st in Brussels. Here are the featured companies that got to present during this special evening...

  • Lexigogo Allows you to use your smartphone to create legally binding video contracts secured in third-party storage.  Watch his post-Jungle Bells interview here and discover how he experience his first pitching session with us.
  • Hydrobox A Belgian company developing hydro power plants that harvest the power of running water and then transform it into electricity.
  • Dfakto A consulting company that helps you make better use of your data, through innovative technological solutions.
  • IVEX Their Safety Co-Pilot is a software component that acts as a safety net for the behavior of autonomous cars, to guarantee the car always reacts in a safe way. 
  • MCorpus An Interactive Platform for medical students, professors, doctors & medical trainees around the globe to learn & share medical expertise. 
  • Romain Roquette Fast - Healthy - Casual. This salad bar offers a healthy alternative in the current lunch market. 
  • Friiz Fruit A 100% plant based & organic freeze-dried snack, made with exclusive mixes of tropical fruits. 


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