Behind the scenes, meet our Head of Issuers, Sébastien Commeyne

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Even though he has been working for Spreds for two years now, we haven't gotten the chance to introduce you to Sébastien, 28 years old, a hockey fan and Head of Issuers at Spreds.

After a bachelor's degree in Economics and a master in Law, Sébastien continued his training with a second master in taxation.This master led him to his first job as a tax advisor. But it wasn't a right fit for him, knowing that he was missing the commercial and creative aspects as well as the contact with people.

After a second job in the fiscal sector, Sébastien met Gilles van der Meerschen (co-founder of Spreds) who trusted him and invited him to join the Spreds' team. It was, as he explains himself, a big challenge back then because he had no experience as a commercial and didn't know the product. But, motivated, he jumped in and immediately fell in love with his job.

For two years, Sébastien was a commercial representative and got to meet a lot of entrepreneurs. Since the change from MyMicroInvest to Spreds and the split from Inventures, Sébastien is taking on more responsibilities by becoming the Head of the Issuers team. His main role hasn't changed a lot because he still works with entrepreneurs, but now, he also has to manage his team, manage long term issues, create a strategy, etc. These new tasks represent quite a challenge.

In his job, Sébastien is most passionate about meeting with entrepreneurs, understanding their business and having the opportunity to help them. Thanks to his relationship with the entrepreneurs, he has the opportunity to learn a lot in very different sectors, which is quite rewarding. The commercial aspect of his job is also important to him: selling, setting goals, the obligation to really understand the needs of each business - this is truly a source of motivation for Sébastien.

Working at Spreds makes him contribute to something good, both for the society in general - for the entrepreneurial world, but also for young entrepreneurs, by helping them achieve their dreams and creating their start-up.

A stimulating environment that had its impact on Sébastien: by constantly meeting entrepreneurs and helping them realise their projects, gave him the desire to do something himself too. Sébastien is now working with some friends on the development of a project revolving around its passion, hockey.