Behind the scenes - meet our new Entrepreneur Success Agent

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After Laurent it’s Joséphine’s turn to officially join MyMicroInvest, even though she was already quite familiar with the company and its team, it’s time for you to meet our new Entrepreneur Success Agent…

Can you briefly present yourself?

My name is Joséphine, I’m 23 years old and I freshly graduated from Louvain School of Management where I studied Management with a specialisation in Corporate Finance. Before that, I decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at ICHEC for its international nature.

What were you doing before joining MyMicroInvest?

Before coming to MyMicroInvest, I was a student so my life revolved around classes, trips, parties and hockey, like every other 23 year old. And no, I don’t miss it…yet.

How did you hear about MyMicroInvest?

The first time I heard about MyMicroInvest was through word of mouth. I knew someone who knew someone who had an internship there and loved it. So, I immediately jumped at the opportunity when I heard they were looking for a Sales intern. Shortly after I was part of the team.

What made you come back and join us for a permanent contract?

I decided to apply for a job at MyMicroInvest for a thousand reasons. First, the activity of the company: helping start-ups grow while being in a stimulating and innovative environment. What also motivated me was the awesome team behind the platform. During my internship, we also gave me a lot of time and responsibilities. I learned so much in 3 months so I was curious to experience it on a longer term.

What is your role at MyMicroInvest today?

As of three weeks ago, I am officially part of the Entrepreneur Success Agents’ team. In other words, I meet up with talented entrepreneurs and try to understand how MyMicroInvest can help them and then, I present them to our selection committee. I am also their contact person during their whole partnership with MyMicroInvest. So it’s a very dynamic job that enables me to meet a lot of interesting people.

What were the highlights of your first weeks at MyMicroInvest?

Personally, I was dreading the beginning of my internship, like most students. After a week at MyMicroInvest, I quickly understood that I would really like it here and that I wasn’t going to spend my days at the copy machine (by the way, I never even used the printer while I was interning). My first impressions (no, not the paper ones) are still the same today: a great atmosphere and a welcoming team, motivated and super invested in every task. What else do you need? ;)