Behind the scenes of MyMicroInvest - meet our new Web Developer

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MyMicroInvest’s IT team recently grew with the arrival of Lewis Fidlers, taking on the function of Web Developer from now on.

Coming from Antwerp, Lewis, 26 years old, made programming one of his main hobbies. But when he turns off his computer, it’s to turn towards sports and more specifically football, which he plays any chance he gets. Lewis also admits he also has a soft spot for running.
After his studies in electronics at Antwerp’s Artesis university, Lewis decided to work as a web developer.

Before joining our team, Lewis worked as a web developer consultant for two different companies and it’s thanks to one of his ex-colleagues that he heard of MyMicroInvest. Wanting to embark on something new, Lewis met Simon, our very own Chief Technology Officer. That meeting was the perfect opportunity for Lewis to consider a career with us...which he did!

At MyMicroInvest, Lewis takes care of maintaining and expanding the platform. Platform for which the acclimatization was quick and easy as Lewis felt useful and comfortable from the very beginning. And if computing, electronics don’t have any secrets for him, Lewis had to discover the ins and outs of crowdfunding which were quickly learned upon his arrival.

The only surprise when Lewis joined MyMicroInvest? The coffee maker, an asset which is a nice step up for him.

Welcome Lewis!