Crowdfunding notes: how to trade them at Euronext Expert Market

— Investment tips — 1 minute read

On Tuesday this week, March 1st, the first crowdfunding note was traded on a secondary market ever in Europe. Yes, MyMicroInvest has a note that can be bought and sold on the Euronext Expert Market.

This is great news, as this means that our investors will enjoy more price transparency on their investment in the future. As more investment notes are put for trade on Euronext, liquidity will build.

This first trade, based on Domobios notes, started at €300 per note. This means that the market estimated the company to have tripled in value already. This is great news for crowdfunding and for our investors.

We'll keep you updated as new crowdfunding notes become available for trading.

How can I place a buy or sell order on the Euronext Expert Market?

You have to ask your broker to place the order for you. Brokers that have direct access to the Euronext Expert Market are listed here.

At the moment, only participatory notes in Domobios are tradable on the market. More notes will be tradable in the future. We will keep you updated about these developments.

Here's the information that your broker will need in order to place the order:

  • Name of the financial product: MMIF/DOMOBIOSnotes
  • Code ISIN : BE6283826699

You can access Euronext's dedicated webpage. The order book gives you an overview of buy and sell orders that are currently placed on the financial instrument, and can provide guidance to fix a price.