Eventer: a picture perfect campaign

— Startup successes — 2 minutes read

After a successful campaign: €99,900 raised thanks to 72 crowd investors in just a few days, here are the first impressions of Pierre-Yves Bossard, co-founder of Eventer, the new Belgian geotagged photo-sharing app. This Parisian Sales Globe-Trotter, adopted by Brussels, kindly answered some of our questions.

What did you think of your first crowdfunding experience with MyMicroInvest?

Excellent, we had a huge success and reached our objectives very quickly. I was very curious to see what it was going to be like because after a year of searching for funds, my associate and I were getting very tired. But everything went very quickly, whether it was in the search of Business Angels or the campaign itself. Thanks to this experience we grew up and we were able to save time by speeding up the development of our business.

What do you retain from this experience? 

The speed! In less than 48h it was done and we weren’t even looking at the timer… The human aspect of the experience also. We met great people at MyMicroInvest who really advised us during the process. Only fools never change their minds and some members of the Board didn’t approve of the crowdfunding process with MyMicroInvest but they quickly changed their minds!

What’s next for Eventer?

First, hire more people so that we can carry on our development because we aren’t superheroes. My associate is also going to develop some new features along with freelancers.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs who are interested in crowdfunding?

  1. Don’t be scared to knock on their door, the « he said she said » never helped anyone move forward.
  2. Your personal network is great but find one or two big fishes who will be able to invest interesting sums during your private campaign to be sure that it will become a success once it goes public!