ForMyFit: the first 100% Belgian pocket coach

— Investment tips — 1 minute read

Vincent Rousseau, Belgian and European marathon champion, has decided to bring his expertise and financial support to ForMyFit, a Belgian success story that opens its capital to investors on MyMicroInvest to finance its e-coaching application. Meet a racing legend!

Vincent, how did you discover ForMyFit?

I discovered the company from a report on RTBF. Then, I was contacted by the ForMyFit team and as soon as the appointment was made, I knew there was an important development potential. To give you an idea, more than 50,000 people run in Belgium, while in France, 20% of the population is racing. More than half of these people are waiting for a service like ForMyFit, so it is a real opportunity to seize.

Why did you finally decide to invest in ForMyFit? With sports applications, you are spoiled for choice.

I started from the observation that no existing application comes as close to being a real coach. ForMyFit is unique in that it is the first app in the world that combines endurance testing, e-coaching and performance monitoring to maximize the performance of runners. The competition doesn’t come close to being such a complete application. And, they don’t offer training programs that are tailored to each individual's goals, regardless of level or health.

That bodes well for this crowdfunding campaign and the investors on our platform!

Yes: do not miss this opportunity! Not only is ForMyFit 100% functional and usable for other sports activities, but the company is also expanding and becoming a leader in its segment, including across the Atlantic. In short, all the conditions are there to improve your health and that of your portfolio, provided you still measure the risk!

Join Vincent Rousseau on our platform! Become a shareholder of ForMyFit.