Fundraising testimonials | FullUp

— Startup successes — 1 minute read

Catherine de Viron, CEO of the company Fullup gave us a few minutes of her time to share some feedback on her experience with our platform.

After having raised €68.700 in less than 3 weeks, Catherine will remember only positive elements from this adventure “what a great experience! The follow-up and support we had from Spreds was really excellent. We didn’t experience the classic fundraising path since we started with an intense pitching marathon (great exercise by the way) during the Jungle Bells evening which helped us quickly reach our objectives in a matter of days!”.

If Catherine could give some advice to future entrepreneurs thinking of raising funds with Spreds:

  1. Preparation is key. Allocate some time to the preparation of the campaign so that you can give it your all.
  2. Seize all the pitching opportunities that Spreds gives you. It’s during these events that you can meet key people that are willing to support you and boost your campaign.
  3. Surround yourself with the best people. Your team is very important and will allow your campaign to be launched quickly.

According to the FullUp team, their tankconnect solution, Jungle Bells and the Spreds networking were the main reasons of the success of this campaign.

Regarding the future of FullUp, Catherine is very excited about the future and would like to “multiply by 5 the number of connected oil tanks (in the short-term) and internationalise the company (in the long term)”.