Good news for Freeedrive, a member of our #FundedFamily

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Freeedrive raised funds with MyMicroInvest one year ago, in March 2016. In total they collected €77,900 from the crowd, and €67,088 from professional investors, joining our #FundedFamily. 

Freeedrive addresses the main cause of car accidents: texting while driving. Freeedrive blocks unauthorised applications while driving and prevents smartphone notifications, allowing the driver to focus solely on the road instead of the phone. And, the system works with bluetooth for hands-free calls. Freeedrive is automatically activated based on a vehicle’s GPS.

Freeedrive hopes to contribute to saving lives and avoiding injuries, especially in the professional fleet management industry. 

And today Freeedrive is growing even more, as they have secured a big contract!

DBT Logistics, a fleet of about forty vehicles, have contracted Freeedrive to lock the phones of their professional drivers. It will help DBT ensure the safety of their drivers, who will receive notifications if they use their phone while driving, and, will be given a score of how they managed their phones while driving, which will be shared with their supervisor. 

Freeedrive Managing Partner, Jan-Pieter Cootjans said, “We’re encouraged by the fact that our application is helping both users and nonusers, to prevent distracted driving. This contract with DBT gives us a considerable boost in the faith of our product market fit! We look forward to more professional service contracts, and thank all of our investors for their support.”

The new contract has resulted in positive press coverage for Freeedrive, which is a proud member of our #FundedFamily. 

Congratulations to them, we look forward to your future success!