How to pitch your start-up?

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You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

As far as you need to have a video to publish an elevator pitch on MyMicroInvest, having a great view on what an elevator pitch really is and how to make it correctly is important. That’s all the purpose of what you’ll find in the following.

First of all, an elevator pitch is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a product, service or organization and its value proposition. The name reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes.
Pitching his project is part of the everyday life of an entrepreneur and that is even more when it comes to seeking funds. Regarding Mymicroinvest, as a venture capital 2.0, the only way to make a relevant elevator pitch is by Video. Therefore, in order to maximize your chance of convincing potential investors through the Web to invest in your project, you should keep in mind the following advices.


Here's a basic rule you've probably heard many times in the past. But how many of us actually practice it? None! However, when it comes to venture pitch videos, believe it or not, this rule of thumb becomes the golden rule.

Act more as a teaser, investors don’t wanna have direclty every single detail of your project. If they were to keep in mind only 3 elements which would you like them to remember?

 Mention something very hard to forget about you that separates you from the rest. 


Most of the time people used to explain their project in some points through their venture video pitch rather than demonstrating it. We recommend you to think differently. Demonstrating what you are saying through examples is the best way to go by!


The quality of your video is essential. It is indeed through this video that investors will have their first contact with you and your business. Your video is your chance to make a first impression.

However, creating a short and great looking video (where image and sounds are of the highest quality) is not an easy task for most of us.

Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for help through professionals.


The way you will catch people’s attention will directly impact the rest of their attention spam. As a result, the opening is certainly the most important part of your venture video pitch. Make sure to perform it correctly!