How You Can Become an Impact Investor

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  • Combine social impact and profit
  • Make money more: more sustainable, more responsible, more impactful
  • Social entrepreneurship, crowdfunding and venture capital: the better way to invest

Making the World a Better Place

Making the world a better place: these days, the idea seems more than a little fanciful.

Watch the news every day, and the world seems to be going backwards, not forward. 

And, let’s be frank: it’s pretty easy to be sceptical about grand announcements.

Take the UN’s Global Goals, for instance, otherwise known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs.

Just over a year ago, the leaders of the world met at the UN headquarters in New York and agreed on a new set of global goals for the development of the world by 2030.

And here they are: the product of a worldwide consultation exercise, what we, humans, want to achieve to make the world a better place.

Business Not as Usual

If you could sum up your life in three words, what would it be? Whatever you say, don’t say “Business as usual”.

Because business as usual is emphatically not an option. The Global Goals are not about business as usual. Let us be very clear: even a flood of economic growth is not going to get us to where we want to be. 

It’s not about creating more growth. No. It’s about making growth more: more sustainable, more responsible, more impactful. What this means is that we need to prioritise social progress and scale solutions worldwide to live peacefully, sustainably and in prosperity.

The SDGs in a nutshell.

Well, you can be a part of the solution. You can be an Impact Investor.

Anyone Can Be an Impact Investor

When people invest, they expect to get a return on their investment, whether it’s a capital gain, a dividend, interest or added income. 
Impact investing is different. 

It’s different because impact investing not only generates potential financial returns, but also aims to have a positive, measurable, social and environmental impact.

You may be thinking, “Impact investing? Not for me. It’s too complex. It requires skills, education and experience that I just don’t have.”
Well, just so you know: impact investing makes sense for just about anyone. 

Anyone has options for their money. You can save your money in a bank account, where it will inevitably lose value over time due to inflation, or, you can invest

Investing in impact businesses is a sound way to avoid feeling the effects of inflation over time, a way to improve your overall financial situation and, an actual way to make the world a better place.

Because, if we’re going to push forward with the SDGs, we have to do things differently. We have to reject business as usual, and demand a different path. 

This is something we can do together.

Think about it.

We can all agree that humanity is at a crossroads. 

And we can either continue to let misleaders crash our economy, scaring people into not investing, and continue to let corporations who don’t reflect our voices and choices run the world’s markets...

Or, we can take back control and finance sustainable technology critical for saving our planet and the people on it.

The Proof Is In the Investing

On 17 November 2016, some 300 people took back control at one of MyMicroInvest’s most exclusive events to date, Magic 5.
Doers, dreamers and drivers came together, ready to give up business as usual and start doing business for good. Business that generates potential profit, but profit with purpose, for the people and for the planet.

Value, like happiness, is only real when shared. Sharing the value to build the world of tomorrow means you invest in the companies of tomorrow: that is the key to impact investing.

Sure, investing means taking risks. But impact investing de-risks your investments as long as you diversify smartly. As long as you make your money more – more sustainable, more responsible, more impactful – you can put your money to work instead of the other way around. 

Either way, diversification is important. You should always keep in mind how much risk you are prepared to accept on your money. Potential for gains but also for losses.

MyMicroInvest, the Better Way to Invest

At MyMicroInvest, we connect with hundreds of entrepreneurs, professionals and industry leaders who are hungry for change. Hungry for innovation, rejuvenation, and positive ways to create and share real value

The Sustainable Development Goals are a historic opportunity. Let’s not dismiss these goals or slide further into pessimism. Let’s hold ourselves accountable to the promise of making the world a better place.

That is what Impact Investing can offer you. That is what MyMicroInvest can offer you: a chance to be an investor who doesn’t merely reflect the climate, but actually changes it, for the better.

And even if you’ve never invested before – on, you can begin from just 100 euros. It’s that easy to be a changemaker.

The proof is in the investing: at Magic 5, €9.8 Million was raised, in just one hour, for 5 social-impact enterprises that pursue triple-bottom-line targets for sustainability. 

How, you ask? 

Through venture capital, crowdfunding and social entrepreneurship. That’s what it’s going to take to impact the economy of tomorrow, today, together.
Your investment can make the difference. 

It’s time to turn plans into actions and promises into reality. 

MyMicroInvest helps you get there.

We’re MyMicroInvest, and we're building one of the largest equity and loan-based crowdfunding platforms for startups, scale-ups and investors in Europe.