Jumpsquare: another successful exit

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Spreds is proud to announce the official exit of its participation in the company Jumpsquare. This is its third exit in less than a year for the platform.
A record-breaking exit
In less than 9 months, the investors in the company Jumpsquare were able to make a 35% profit from their investment. In November 2016 Jumpsquare finalised its campaign on the investment platform Spreds and succeeded in raising €99,900 thanks to 48 investors. Thanks to this campaign, Jumpsquare was able to build the largest indoor Trampoline Park in Belgium, more specifically in Hasselt.

In July 2018, the founders proposed to buy back the shares of the crowd: “we would like to thank the crowd for their support and their belief in our project. (…) This offer ensures that the people who believed in our project are rewarded.” – Christophe Tassenon, founder & CEO of Jumpsquare.

Three exits in less than a year

After Yoga Room in October 2017 and iReachm.com in May 2018, it’s now Jumpsquare’s turn to reward its investors. Spreds is proud to share this third success with its members.

"One of our objectives has always been to allow our members to take part in the development of Belgian entrepreneurship while diversifying their investments in start-ups and scale-ups in order to optimise their return on investment. This exit is a great example and has allowed us to reward our investors for their support during this adventure" explains Charles-Albert de Radzitzky, CEO of Spreds.

Supporting Belgian entrepreneurship

Spreds offers individuals the possibility to invest in innovative projects for which they see true potential. Two types of financing are possible on the platform:

  • Investment in individual campaigns present on the platform (minimum ticket of €100 per start-up).
  • Investment through the diversification tool "Tracer" which allows the members to get priority access to a predefined number of start-ups while minimizing their risk (minimum ticket of €1000 per start-up).

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Please read this before investing through Spreds

Investing carries serious risks, including partial or total loss of capital. Please invest responsibly.
Spreds runs a crowdfunding platform that enables the public to finance innovative companies by participating in their capitalization. The proposed investment, for a minimum amount of 100 EUR, comes in the form of Notes issued under Belgian law, which represent a claim against the issuer, Spreds Finance, a public limited company under Belgian law headquartered at 5 Place Sainte Gudule, 1000 Brussels (n° 0538.839.354, R.P.M. Nivelles).

The total amount brought in at the end of the offer shall be used by Spreds Finance to subscribe to a capital increase or loan grant in the company/companies listed and promoted above. They are denominated in Euros. They do not offer any guarantee of yield or of reimbursement of capital. The Notes have an unlimited duration and the return on investment depends entirely on the performance of the investment made via the proceeds of the Notes issued by Spreds Finance.
The nominal value of the Notes corresponds to the sum of the subscription and does not include the costs of the issue nor the payment of expenses described below. Spreds Finance charges an additional subscription fee amounting to 5% of the nominal amount only for equity operations, excluding loan operations. 
The Noteholders bear the Expenses Relating to the Underlying Assets. The investors should be taxed on the income paid by Spreds Finance as if such income were paid directly to them (dividends and interests are subject, as a general rule and for private individuals who are Belgian residents, to a withholding tax of 30%, pursuant to article 269 of the Income Tax Code, or to capital gains tax).

We strongly advise you to read the Terms of Investment carefully before purchasing Notes, and in particular, to consider the risk factors that are described therein. We draw the attention of the potential investor to the fact that there is a risk that the goals of the company/companies will not be reached, which might lead to a substantial reduction in the expected revenue and thus incur a risk of insolvency or at least of low yield, and even zero or negative yield.

Any complaint relating to an investment in the Notes can be addressed to the headquarters of the issuer indicated above or to the Service de Médiation pour le Consommateur, Boulevard du Roi Albert II 8 - 1000 Brussels, tel.: +32(0)2.702.52.20, fax: +32(0)2.808.71.29, email: contact@mediationconsommateur.be