Some tips for an effective fundraising

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Starting a fundraising campaign on MyMicroInvest requires time, preparation and a lot of self-involvement. To help you do that, here are a few tips…

Preparation is the key to success!

The first step is the campaign preparation – a fundamental step which includes a lot of elements:

What about finances?

What else can you do?

During this preparation, you will be asked to develop your profile on MyMicroInvest’s website. A couple of hints to do that:

The first step towards funding: the launch of your private campaign
Once the preparation is done, here comes the time to officially start the private phase of your campaign:

Time to get in touch with the crowd: heading towards the public campaign

After a successful private campaign, it’s time to launch the second part of the funding, the one that will mobilise the crowd.

To optimise this step, here is some practical advice:

You can also:

If you follow our advice, you should be on the right track!

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