Live Crowdfunding July 2nd - summary

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We are proud to share with you that the Live Crowdfunding of yesterday evening was an immense success! Almost €70.000 pledged by 124 investors!

If you missed the event, or would like to see some parts again, scroll down and check our videos of Alexander De Croo, Max Jadot, and all 4 of the startups!

Introduction speeches

Deputy Minister Alexander De Croo opens the Live Crowdfunding - Did you know investments made in startups are now tax deductible?

Then Max Jadot, CEO & Chairman of the Executive Board of BNP Paribas Fortis explaining the partnership between BNP Paribas Fortis and MyMicroInvest.

Companies: 5min. Pitch + 5min Q/A Jury + 5min Q/A Audience

James Lind sales a delicious blend of tea, juice and vitamins. This completely new combination will create a new category of beverages, the so-called Vitaminteas.

Fundraising type: Equity

The Green Link solves the last mile delivery problem! Business of parcels deliveries and pick-ups in central Paris, and has a fleet of 100% battery electric vehicles.

Fundraising type:
Loan (7% per year during 5 year with quarterly payment principal + interest)

Fit20 is an intensive personal training programme in just 20 minutes a week. With fit20 you always exercise under the guidance of your personal trainer.

Fundraising type:
Loan (8% per year during 5 year with quarterly payment principal + interest)

Teh Concept is a unique system for quality tea preparation, comprised of a machine and capsules.

Fundraising type: Equity

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