MyMicroInvest meets the 2017 Web Summit

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Two weeks ago, I got to be the lucky guy flying to Lisbon to attend the Web Summit, the biggest technology conference in the world. Uber, Instagram, Netflix… most of these renown companies past through the Web Summit at some point in time. Together with two colleagues from MyMicroInvest (Gilles van der Meerschen and Sébastien Commeyne), we got the chance to immerse ourselves for three days in startupland and did our best to spot the next unicorn for our impact VC fund: Inventures.

Each year, the Web Summit attracts 60,000 attendees who are willing to discover how the latest technologies are impacting various sectors, be it online marketing, health care or even our own planet. 25 conferences with top experts run in parallel, providing insights on how the world is currently evolving.

Next to the big stages, hundreds of start-up booths, spread over the great Web Summit halls, are trying to sell their project to every person who passes by, with alternating success. Being a successful tech entrepreneur is clearly a very sought-after career…

After a few days in Lisbon, here are our most important takeaways from the 2017 Web Summit:

For MyMicroInvest, the Web Summit has been successful so far; we came back with a full stack of business cards and a promising pipeline of (inter)national projects. Up to us to turn them into investment opportunities for the crowd and for Inventures, and to empower the entrepreneurs to build successful companies and to improve our world!

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