Press Release - #EUCrowdShow

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#EUCrowdShow, the world’s first crowdsourced roadshow on entrepreneurship and crowdfunding across 29 countries in Europe

MyMicroInvest and the European Startup Network are proud to announce the launch of a crowdsourcing roadshow, the #EUCrowdShow, a tour across 29 countries. 

EUCrowdShow will bring together entrepreneurs and investors to share stories, experiences, and discuss the future of entrepreneurship and crowdfunding in Europe. It is a listening tour and a conversation-starter. MyMicroInvest focuses on crowds, so the conversation is crowdsourced, both online and off!

The roadshow Ambassador will be MyMicroInvest Chairman, José Zurstrassen, a successful entrepreneur-turned-investor. He will be joined by Stefaan Mouradian and Steven Boelens, cofounders of BAUNAT, an online diamond jewellery brand, the first company to conduct a European-wide crowdfunding campaign on MyMicroInvest.

#EUCrowdShow an expedition across Europe

 MyMicroInvest will start the conversation online, reaching the crowd across Europe, using the dedicated hashtag, #EUCrowdShow, and through our blog. The roadshow will bring the online discussion offline, in a series of events in 29 European cities: Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Bratislava, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Geneva, Helsinki, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Nicosia, Paris, Prague, Riga, Rome, Sofia, Stockholm, Tallinn, Valletta, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw, and Zagreb. Find details of the event in your city here. 

The chairman of MyMicroInvest, José Zurstrassen, said, “Entrepreneurs need support to grow. This roadshow is a unique opportunity to pull together and crowdsource information. MyMicroInvest combines the wisdom of the crowd with the professional investors, and I look forward to discussing the state of European entrepreneurship in each of the 29 cities.”

The travel partner is Brussels Airlines. CEO Bernard Gustin: “At Brussels Airlines, we want to be a facilitator, bringing not only people together, but also businesses. Therefore we are proud to support MyMicroInvest to connect European entrepreneurs to the right investors. Through our large network of destinations, we can help boost their businesses and create the right environment for innovation.”

MyMicroInvest will help revolutionise access to finance by summarising this roadshow into a final report on entrepreneurship and crowdfunding in Europe. Join the conversation with #EUCrowdShow and register to win a diamond from BAUNAT, or, win a two-day all-expenses-paid workshop in Brussels with the experts and networks of MyMicroInvest. 

About the organiser, MyMicroInvest

 MyMicroInvest is a crowdfunding platform that presents promising European startups and growing businesses, all backed by a unique crowd. Each campaign is an opportunity to invest together with professionals, including angel investors, venture capitalists, and industry professionals. With MyMicroInvest, first-time investors team up with experts to help empower European entrepreneurship.

Supported by the European Startup Network (ESN), the common voice for startups across the EU to form a single, scalable startup ecosystem. BAUNAT is a global online diamond jewellery brand offering a wide selection of jewels for every style. Brussels Airlines is Belgium's national carrier and operates flights between Brussels and Europe, Africa and the United States.
The #EUCrowdShow is an initiative of MyMicroInvest.