Support Local Entrepreneurs this Holiday Season

— Startup successes — 2 minutes read

It's the season of merry making, gift-giving and good cheer!

As 2016 comes to a close, we've prepared a short holiday gift guide, for fans of local entrepreneurs and Belgian innovation. 

This holiday season shop with a purpose! Buy a gift from a self-starter in your very own city, and support Belgian businesses together with us. 

Here is a short list of some gift ideas from our recent successful campaigns. 

Yoga Room

Co-founder Pierre Rousseaux spent 8 straight years in the hustle-bustle of Shanghai, where he learned to relax and wind down with yoga. The practice changed his life, and he recently opened the newest yoga experiences in the heart of Europe, Yoga Room. 

In January, Yoga Room raised €100,000 through the crowd with MyMicroInvest, and €120,000 from professional investors. With this support, the studio opened with world-class facilities and highly skilled trainers for yogis of all levels. 

 “Yoga is an amazing toolkit today to bring back balance in your life and to reconnect with your inner self.” Pierre Rousseaux, Founder of Yoga Room. 
Rejuvenate and pamper your loved ones this holiday season. Buy the gift of yoga for your sister, or yourself. Check out their exclusive Christmas Gift Cards for this season. 


Zendo Calm + Focus is a low-calorie relaxation drink with 100% natural flavors, and no added sugar, artificial colors or preservatives. The drink is an infused green tea with magnesium and Vitamin B as well as ginger extracts and natural peach flavor. It's a refreshing, relaxing and delectable drink!
Zendo was created by two friends, Mathieu Hosselet and Laurent Karim, who decided to quit their stressful jobs and create a drink that can help people stay calm and focused. It took them 18 months of research and development to finally come with this ultimate relaxation drink, which is a new and growing segment in the beverage industry. In January, Zendo raised €125,000 from professional investors and €100,000 through the crowd, doubling the original target of €50,000!

Welcome your holiday guests with a can of Zendo, available at selected Carrefour Express and White Night shops in Brussels.

Fan’s Team Belgium

Fan's Team brings together all those who are proud to be Belgian!

Belgian Table Tennis Legend Jean-Michel Saive founded the company to promote Belgium here at home. The company produces clothing - chic sportswear and high quality gear with elements of black, yellow and red throughout. Both the brands seek to increase the sense of pride amongst Belgians in their everyday lives. 

In June, Fan's Team raised nearly €100,000 through the crowd and professional investors. You can still support Belgian pride: buy a high-quality patriotic shirt for your kids, or your nieces and nephews. Check out their complete range of clothing.