Tax Shelter for scale-ups – MyMicroInvest is ready

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Following Charles Michel’s recent announcement on the expansion of the Tax Shelter to scale-ups, we decided to reflect on the subject…

Many investors and entrepreneurs have contacted us to know if MyMicroInvest also covers Tax Shelter for growing companies and the answers is “yes, once the law passes.” Our teams and our platform are ready and the projects are waiting

What is “Tax Shelter for scale-ups”?

You already know all about Tax Shelter for start-ups, the tax incentive that helps you get back 30% to 45% of your investment back through tax reduction. The objective of this fiscal advantage is to wake up our savings and use them in the real economy.
The government has now decided to expand the principle to scale-ups. This reduction will help you get 25% of your investment back as long as the company answers to the following conditions:

  • the scale-up will need to have 10 full-time employees (including the paid CEO, except if he has a different main job);
  • to have had a 10% increase in turnover or in the number of full-time employees during the last two fiscal years;
  • to have never proceeded to a capital decrease nor to have distributed dividends;
  • the raised funds must be used to supply a capital increase (not a buyback of existing shares) carried out during the 5th and 10th year of existence. 
  • with a maximum of €500,000 per scale-up minus the possible amounts retrieved through Tax Shelter for start-ups.

Is MyMicroInvest a good way to raise €500,000?

The answer is yes. Many facts can confirm this statement.

First of all, the current campaigns that benefit from Tax Shelter for start-ups are financed quicker. Companies don’t need more than a few days or a few hours to raise €50,000 or €100,000. Furthermore, more and more clients subscribe to the new service “Tracers”. These Tracers help you spread a predefined amount of money into 5-10 Tax Shelter eligible start-ups, all in a year’s time. In just two months, the investment promises have already reached €1 million mark.

We have also opened a Premium Programme reserved for Business Angels. More than 100 investors have already signed up to our activities such as “start-up pitch evenings”. 25 of them have already invested between €25,000 and €100,000.
Finally, thanks to crowdfunding there is: the existence of a collective intelligence that analyses the projects, an immediate test of market attraction and the creation of a community of ambassadors supporting the project.

We are all set to present tomorrow’s scale-ups to our investors, once the law passes!