Transforming crowdfunding: a collaborative approach with Ecco Nova and Spreds

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In the dynamic world of finance, we're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking initiative that merges the power of two leading Belgian crowdfunding platforms: Ecco Nova and Spreds. This innovative collaboration aims to revolutionize the crowdfunding landscape, making it more inclusive and efficient by enabling new ways to raise funds and collaborate between platforms.

Crowdlisting: the first test of our collaboration

Our collaboration's first test was the innovative crowdlisting opportunity for Newtree Impact, a leader in the agri-food tech sector. We have nearly reached the 1 million mark, with the campaign ending this Sunday, June 2nd. This crowdlisting opportunity represents a pivotal shift from traditional IPO processes to more accessible and dynamic capital-raising methods.

Collaboration at the core

Pierre-Yves Pirlot, founder of Ecco Nova, states, "1+1=3. Our joint operation has shown that we can achieve much more together, benefiting both parties and satisfying investor demand. By joining forces, we’ve managed to boost our average daily fundraising compared to our usual operations. This campaign shows that investors are looking for new types of investments and are eager to have access to investment opportunities that are traditionally reserved to large (institutional) investors.”
Charles-Albert de Radzitzky, CEO and co-founder of Spreds, adds: “We believe that crowdfunding has and will further evolve further than the initial vertical specialisations (equity for Spreds and lending for Ecco Nova), offering more diversified investment opportunities to investors, in the private equity market. On top of that, crowdfunding has the potential to ease the way to stock exchanges, offering increased liquidity. Finally, we believe that crowdfunding platform are therefore meant to work together, both to offer that diversification and to decrease operational costs. These are the reasons why we wanted to include Ecco Nova in this campaign.”

Why invest in Newtree Impact?

  • Distinguished leadership: Helmed by CEO Benoît de Bruyn and featuring experts like Thibaud de Saint-Quentin, Newtree Impact boasts a team and board of high-profile professionals from global corporations, leading investment firms, and pioneering technology companies
  • Market potential: Investors can tap into the booming agri-food tech sector, projected to exceed USD 472 billion by 2033. This growing market offers substantial opportunities for diversification and growth.
  • Impact investing: By investing in Newtree Impact, you contribute directly to sustainable agricultural practices. This not only supports future food security but also helps minimize the environmental impact of food production.
Click here to invest in this unique opportunity through Spreds
Click here to invest in this unique opporutnity through Ecco Nova


This initiative marks a significant step forward in the world of crowdfunding and investment. By fostering collaboration between Ecco Nova and Spreds and leveraging innovative strategies like crowdlisting, we are creating a more effective and inclusive financial ecosystem. Join us in this journey to transform crowdfunding and support groundbreaking ventures like Newtree Impact.
Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push boundaries and create new opportunities for growth and success.

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