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Producer of organic luxury jams, chutneys and tapenades
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Handmade Happiness for Food Lovers

It all begins with happy childhood memories

In 2014, Pipaillon landed in downtown Brussels to set up its artisan factory with a single goal: using old-fashioned savoir-faire to make contemporary preserves in glass jars. Pipaillon was inspired by the urge to restores the scents and flavours of childhood memories.

Pipaillon's original proposal

Frustrated by the difficulty to find truly artisan-made jars on the market, bored of the standardisation of tastes, colours and labels, annoyed by the "bio-washing" of brands, Pipaillon decided to make it slow and seasonal, by launching a full line of preserves, making use of different preservation processes: jams, tapenades, chutneys and preserved lemons.

Pipaillon was born by exigence : Organic, seasonal, local & handmade

Freshly sourced from local farmers, Pipaillon products are all organic and seasonal. Healthy products - obviously farmed organically - designed and distributed in short circuits, for love of taste and terroirs. An exceptional range with a clean graphic line that will delight the most demanding taste buds and eyes. A product to share, bonding people together

Pipaillon produces happiness in glass jars. By reconnecting people with childhood, quality, common sense and the nature. By privileging seasonal and local crops. By working with fresh organic ingredients, without any additives. By paying the fair price to the producers. By keeping an artisan savoir-faire and constantly improving the production processes. In short, the exact opposite of ultra-transformed industrial food products.

Handmade, a replicable concept

Pipaillon intends to make the consumer's daily life happier and easier with different ranges of preserves. Being the missing link between the crops and the daily meals, they combine simple and subtle flavours, slowly cooked to release all the aromas, with recipes produced according to the seasons that would create the wish of desires and grain of folly. Preserves with a delicious core and quirky rock names that release energy and shake up conventions. Incredibly versatile, each recipe adds fantastic flavours to a multitude of meals! And that Pipaillon also intends to showcase in its own stores.