Behind the scenes of Spreds, meet our Investors Manager, Louise Mertens

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Whether you visited our website, asked a question or signed up on our platform, you probably already know Louise. She's the one behind Spreds' customer service and the one answering all your questions.

If Louise is the one signing a lot of Spreds' communications, it's not only because it's part of her job, but also because she is trilingual! Expertise she perfected thanks to her training at the University of Maastricht. There, she started with a bachelor's degree in International Business Economics that took her to Canada, for an exchange program, to continue with a master's degree in Marketing and Finance that took her this time to Lyon for one semester. A multilingual training, very useful for her job at Spreds.

Part of the team for a year and a half year now, Louise first heard of Spreds when she was still studying and especially, when she was working on her thesis. Indeed, with a subject on crowdfunding possibilities within the real estate sector, her research gave her a good overview of the actors within the crowdfunding market and helped her discover Spreds (previously known as MyMicroInvest)
What pleased her, still does and encouraged her to apply, is the ability to, thanks to our platform, help every creative and motivated person who wishes to accomplish his/her project, to do so. Also, the fact that we are helping Belgian entrepreneurship grow, was one of the reasons that motivated her to apply at Spreds. And, it's through an internship in the Marketing department, that Louise entered the team. 

A year and a half later, her role evolved since she's no longer part of the Marketing department, but in the team taking care of our investors, as Investors Manager. Louise is in charge of following up on investor questions, she helps them manage their portfolio, she contacts them, but she also participates and organises events to meet them. Besides investors, she also looks for and meets with intermediaries. She really appreciates those tasks because they allow her to meet a lot of people, whether they are investors, entrepreneurs, members or simply interested in our services - social contact is very important to her.

As Investors Manager, Louise likes the fact that crowdfunding is an activity open to everyone and that it allows her to be in touch with different types of investors; whether it's a young adult who is making his/her first small investment or a more experienced investor, ready to invest a large sum - variety is present and everyone can invest in a start-up.

When we ask her what she likes about Spreds, besides what initially attracted her when she applied, is the fact that we still are a start-up, which brings up a lot of challenges that she likes to take on.