Meet Erwan Adouani | Investor Relations

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8 months after our last recruit, we are pleased to welcome a new face to the team: Erwan Adouani. We sat down with him and asked him some basic questions to help our members get a a feel of who Erwan is and what he'll be doing at Spreds.

Can you briefly present yourself?

I am Erwan, 23 years old, from Lyon in France, precisely from La Croix Rousse. I studied in London, where I first got involved in the start-up scene.

What were you doing before joining Spreds?

Before joining Spreds, I was completing my degree in Economics & Accountancy, in London. I was working part-time at a skateboard shop specialised in electric mobility (scooters, onewheels, e-skates). I was also co-founding a student-startup making IoT devices with the aim of "Re-connecting people with Nature", which had to be dropped because of incredibly expensive scale-up costs.

How did you hear about Spreds?

As I was about to complete my degree, I started looking for jobs and internship opportunities. Funny enough, I stumbled upon TYRO, a young start-up revolutionising graduate recruitment in Belgium, backed by Spreds investors. A really nice recruiter reached out to me and asked what I would ideally like to do as a graduate. I said I'd like to be involved with the Venture Capital industry, helping start-ups to secure funding, but I'd hate to end up "Corporate". She said "You know what, I have just the thing". A week later, I was talking to Severine (Head of HR at Spreds), about when I'd like to start.

What will be your new role at Spreds?

My new role at Spreds will involve most of the responsibilities undertaken during the internship, with the addition of a special focus on Business Intelligence. I want to make the most out of Spreds' fantastic exposure to both the Venture Capital and the start-up worlds and gain insights through data-driven decision-making.

What were the highlights of your internship at Spreds and why did you choose to stay?

The highlights of my internship were probably both my first day at Spreds, and my last day as an intern. I arrived on the day of the 4th edition of the Jungle Bells, which I volunteered to take part in, and it was just awesome, all those start-ups pitching, all those investors showing interest, I knew I was exactly at the right spot. My last day as an intern, signing my first ever full-time contract also definitely was a highlight, the whole team cheering and everything. I chose to stay at Spreds mainly because of the team. Everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit, and is here to facilitate innovation, with a special focus on social and environmental impact. I definitely have a lot more to do at Spreds.