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What companies can learn from entrepreneurial leaders?

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Entrepreneurial culture and attitude is a must for every company to innovate and grow because every single person can contribute for growth of the company. Entrepreneurial culture helps employees in understanding of business and it changes their approach to work and equips them in becoming more successful... read more

Core characteristics of an Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurial leaders are made. The set of unique characteristic traits which they acquire through the environment, by work, study define the qualities of an entrepreneur The Mindset of an Entrepreneur Entrepreneurs see opportunity in crisis. At the time of peso crisis, Foreign and local investors in Mexico tried to get rid of their asset at a through away price... read more

Who are the entrepreneurs? Age, Academics, Business Background, etc.

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Experiences and character traits play a vital role in the emergence of an entrepreneur. There is a universal debate across geographies on what contributes to the emergence of successful entrepreneur. Research carried at different places tends to deliver mixed opinions on the characteristic features of an entrepreneur... read more

Barriers to growth and key success factors for entrepreneurs

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Funding, Technical know-how, People are the touching stone for success in business. The biggest barrier to growth is access to finance. The nature of business influences entrepreneurs to constantly look for cash in order to expand, grow and contain raising costs etc... read more

What is crowdfunding?

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Crowd funding is quite new and an emerging concept. It is hard to find valid, and relevant information on it. Here you will find my crowdfunding definition. If you have any comments or suggestion please do not hesitate to share with us. "Crowd" "funding" literally implies (large group of people) who fund a project by making individual contribution of money... read more