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A slower economy is an opportunity, not a challenge

— Investment tips | Other — 3 minutes read

Over the last ten years the economy in Europe has fluctuated, with varying unemployment, low interest rates and changing growth figures. So, does crowdfunding work in times of economic stagnation or regression? That’s a question we believe we can answer: yes! In fact, crowdfunding is imperative to support businesses in times where loans are less available... read more

The GDPR law will be enforced on May 25th and Spreds is getting ready for it!

— Other — 2 minutes read

For quite some time now, businesses are getting ready for a new law called GDPR, which will be enforced on May 25th 2018. The digital world has evolved a lot in 23 years: in 1995, only 1% of Europeans were using the internet and social media didn't even exist yet. But, one thing hasn't evolved since then; the European Union's directive on data protection... read more

MyMicroInvest meets the 2017 Web Summit

— Other — 2 minutes read

Two weeks ago, I got to be the lucky guy flying to Lisbon to attend the Web Summit, the biggest technology conference in the world. Uber, Instagram, Netflix… most of these renown companies past through the Web Summit at some point in time... read more

Inventures II: not your typical Impact Venture Capital fund

— Other — 3 minutes read

As a new investment opportunity in the TONIIC network, Inventures II has officially confirmed its ability to generate a measurable positive impact on the world and is getting noticed for its unique Impact Investing model... read more

The 5 biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make

— Other — 2 minutes read

1. Believing in instant success The first mistake entrepreneurs can make is expecting their business to be a quick overnight success. Unfortunately for them, this rarely happens. Ironically enough, this belief is also a big reason for many early company failures... read more