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YouScribe, winnner of the Digital Africa Challenge

— Startup successes — 2 minutes read

The contest organised by the AFD, the French Tech and Bpifrance has chosen to reward the knowledge sharing app: YouScribe, a mobile library for French-speakers. After raising €162,300 through 2 campaigns on our platform in 2013 and 2014, YouScribe made great progress and has become the biggest streaming library in France... read more

Eventer: a picture perfect campaign

— Startup successes — 2 minutes read

After a successful campaign: €99,900 raised thanks to 72 crowd investors in just a few days, here are the first impressions of Pierre-Yves Bossard, co-founder of Eventer, the new Belgian geotagged photo-sharing app. This Parisian Sales Globe-Trotter, adopted by Brussels, kindly answered some of our questions... read more

Yoga Room investors are seeing double!

— Startup successes — 4 minutes read

Great news for the Yoga Room crowd investors! Twenty months after taking part in the company’s first fundraising, investors have very recently accepted a buyback offer of their shares in the start-up, granting them an interesting return on investment of twice the initial amount invested in Yoga Room... read more

Slimbox: first impressions after a triumphant fundraising

— Startup successes — 3 minutes read

In less than a month, Slimbox raised €99,900 in record time. Thanks to 69 motivated investors, this company will be able to fund its project and move forward with its product. Because of the fascinating public interest for this campaign, we decided to sit down with Filip Roose, CEO and co-founder of Fit Things to gather his feelings on his MyMicroInvest adventure... read more

Herculean: a Belgian success story

— Startup successes — 8 minutes read

After a successful closing of their campaign and an official introduction into our #FundedFamily, we wanted to hear the impressions the Herculean Team had about their first crowdfunding experience with MyMicroInvest. To do so, we spent some time with Inge Van Belle, co-founder of Herculean in order to find out her feelings on the subject... read more