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3rd Jungle Bells edition – Sold out

— Startup successes | Jungle bells — 2 minutes read

Our third Jungle Bells edition sold out once again (over 300 guests have already attended our Jungle Bells events). Our last event of the season took place on May 21st in Brussels. Here are the featured companies that got to present during this special evening... Lexigogo Allows you to use your smartphone to create legally binding video contracts secured in third-party storage... read more

Funded Family Forum: The challenges of a growing business

— Startup successes | Other — 5 minutes read

A few weeks ago, we decided to launch the first edition of our Funded Family Forum. The concept behind the event? Bringing together experts and entrepreneurs who have successfully completed a campaign on our website and giving them keys to develop their business and raise funds... read more

Jumpsquare: another successful exit

— Startup successes — 4 minutes read

Spreds is proud to announce the official exit of its participation in the company Jumpsquare. This is its third exit in less than a year for the platform. A record-breaking exit In less than 9 months, the investors in the company Jumpsquare were able to make a 35% profit from their investment... read more

Some tips for an effective fundraising

— Startup successes — 3 minutes read

Starting a fundraising campaign on Spreds requires time, preparation and a lot of self-involvement. To help you do that, here are a few tips… Preparation is the key to success! The first step is the campaign preparation – a fundamental step which includes a lot of elements: Create a plan: this plan will be your guide in terms of actions and communication during the campaign... read more

Barnaby: first impressions

— Startup successes — 2 minutes read

The second Barnaby campaign raised €99,900 in less than two weeks. Due to the overwhelming success of the fundraising, we wanted to find out how the entrepreneur, Quentin Thireau, was feeling about the whole experience. This round of fundraising isn’t your first experience with MyMicroInvest… No indeed, this is the second time we’ve trusted MyMicroInvest for our fundraising process... read more