The Spreds Blog, a second successful exit on the Spreds platform

— 5 minutes read

Six months after its first record breaking exit, Spreds announces the official exit of its participation in the company This exit has enabled investors to make a 36% profit. A unique fundraising In February 2015, iReachm finalises its crowdfunding campaign on the investment platform MyMicroInvest (now Spreds) and succeeds in raising €66,528 thanks to 83 investors... read more

A slower economy is an opportunity, not a challenge

— Investment tips | Other — 3 minutes read

Over the last ten years the economy in Europe has fluctuated, with varying unemployment, low interest rates and changing growth figures. So, does crowdfunding work in times of economic stagnation or regression? That’s a question we believe we can answer: yes! In fact, crowdfunding is imperative to support businesses in times where loans are less available... read more

4 great reasons to invest in start-ups

— 2 minutes read

1. Participating in job creation It has now become undeniable that in 2016, start-ups have contributed to the creation of an overwhelming amount of jobs in the Belgian landscape and have truly boosted the economy... read more

The GDPR law will be enforced on May 25th and Spreds is getting ready for it!

— Other — 2 minutes read

For quite some time now, businesses are getting ready for a new law called GDPR, which will be enforced on May 25th 2018. The digital world has evolved a lot in 23 years: in 1995, only 1% of Europeans were using the internet and social media didn't even exist yet. But, one thing hasn't evolved since then; the European Union's directive on data protection... read more

5 misconceptions about equity crowdfunding

— 5 minutes read

At Spreds, we offer different types of investments such as equity crowdfunding, which is one of the four existing methods of crowdfunding. This type of crowdfunding offers each investor a way to participate (through a Participatory Note) in the start-up's equity, in exchange for their investment... read more