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Behind the scenes, meet our Head of Issuers, Sébastien Commeyne

— Updates — 2 minutes read

Even though he has been working for Spreds for two years now, we haven't gotten the chance to introduce you to Sébastien, 28 years old, a hockey fan and Head of Issuers at Spreds. After a bachelor's degree in Economics and a master in Law, Sébastien continued his training with a second master in taxation.This master led him to his first job as a tax advisor... read more

Behind the scenes of Spreds - Meet our new CEO: Charles-Albert de Radzitzky.

— Updates — 3 minutes read

Since February 6th, our investment platform and the venture capital fund Inventures, have decided to go their separate ways. Sharing until now the same legal structure, CEO and team, the two businesses took the logical and natural decision of setting distinct boundaries between them and split into two companies to help each other move towards a clearer and more specialised path... read more

A new year, a new us

— Updates — 4 minutes read

After ending 2017 on a high note, MyMicroInvest is ready to dive into a long-awaited change. Following a long and fruitful collaboration of more than six years, MyMicroInvest and impact venture capital fund Inventures have decided to continue their separate ways... read more

Behind the scenes of MyMicroInvest - meet our new Web Developer

— Updates — 1 minute read

MyMicroInvest’s IT team recently grew with the arrival of Lewis Fidlers, taking on the function of Web Developer from now on. Coming from Antwerp, Lewis, 26 years old, made programming one of his main hobbies. But when he turns off his computer, it’s to turn towards sports and more specifically football, which he plays any chance he gets. Lewis also admits he also has a soft spot for running... read more